So, you wanna buy land?

Why Choosing a Land Specialist can Simplify your Buying Process

Written By: OPG Land Specialist, Patrick Ellis

Owning property is a goal many of us have. Just like any goal, the small steps along the way will ensure you reach your end goal successfully!  Buying land can be intimidating and you may find yourself asking, “What do I do first?”, or “What next?”

This is where we come in!  While Land Specialists are at their core Real Estate professionals, they differentiate in skill set, having expert knowledge of the complexities that inherently come along with land sales. Land Specialists are boots on the ground with their clients.  We don’t send you an address and wish you luck; we hike the hills, cross the creeks, and walk the dirt with and for you, providing you with the most beneficial experience.  We listen to your desires and envision the land for what it can be.  

Land Specialists are also experts in development, helping clients maximize the potential of a property.  Be it a trail-filled property near Daniel Boone National Forest, a pasture-rich plot for a homestead, or a 200-acre personal hunting preserve. Each of these property types has its own nuances, needs, and features that differ from a typical home listing.  We know what a “jack-of-all-trades” property looks like and what warning signs to avoid.  

Land Specialists take into consideration things such as timber / mineral rights, wildlife habitat, natural features such as waterfalls, creeks, caves, and other features that help highlight the value of a property. 

     Residential listings are usually easy to locate on GPS or a map. That isn’t often the case with land listings.  We do our research ahead of time and will know if there are roads to the property, the condition of those roads, if they require 4×4 capability to access, and will be there to show the property physically to our clients.  We’ve spent hours at a time exploring the land with our Buyers and Sellers.

      Land Specialists will also have important knowledge of utility access, proximity to cities/attractions, harvest information regarding existing crop or timber tract, historical factors, and other details, such as tourism, pertinent to buyers. 

Every land buyer’s motivation is different, and not all listings are created equal. A Land Specialist knows how not to just highlight those features when listing, but also how to find those properties that may not have their most appealing features visible at a glance. Land Specialists use multiple tools, hands-on experience, a deep knowledge of varied, best use for properties, and a great amount of time to dive deeper into listings that may have a greater benefit to their client than what first meets the eye!

Buying land can open opportunities and unlock freedom. After all, freedom of enjoyment is one of the top reasons folks invest in land.  It reminds us of a time not so long ago of stone fence boundaries, and handshake agreements.

Having the right representation when Listing or Buying can make all the difference. A dedicated Land Specialist is much more than just a real estate professional. We walk the walk, talk the talk, and have knowledge of this land we are so passionate about!

When beginning your search for the right property, or selling yours, buy dirt with a Land Specialist at Overland Properties Group by your side. Contact us and let’s get started.



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