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Welcome to The Holler

Are you a dirt bike or ATV rider? Be sure to check out The Holler! This KXCR Training Facility is open to all riders of any skill level.

The property is approximately 1700 acres and sits just off the Mountain Parkway (Located at 1570 Hardwicks Creek Rd. Clay City, KY) and offers every type of cross country terrain you can expect in Kentucky. The property is covered with large trees, rocks, big hills, open trails and tight trails. There is a turn track and several other types of dirt bike tracks. The terrain is simply beautiful. There is a varying change in terrain with over 800’ of elevation change on the property. The property offers approximately 30 miles of trails and endless off trail exploration. The goal of The Holler is to create a vast variety of trails in a manner that cross trails are as minimal as possible. All new trail creations will consist of beginners to advanced single track. The Holler also has an endurocross track. The more members the more amenities we will be able to offer. Learn more about membership by clicking the button below.

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